Mobile Welding/Fabrication

Amerivet Services is a disabled veteran owned/family run company focused on providing support services to contractors, building owners, and other commercial customers.  We're your premier source for portable welding, structural steel, and on-site fabrication services.

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Structural Steel

Amerivet Services is up and coming in the steel erection industry.  We can handle light to medium projects, and have the experience and resources to perform your project work quickly and professionally.  With AWS certified welders and portable welding machines for almost any situation, we provide a dynamic solution for every project!

We do it all, from decking to structural steel, stairs and railings to stud welding!

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Steel Building Repair/Retrofit

Amerivet Services has a long history in the steel building industry, and we provide a full suite of services to repair your steel structure, from roofs and siding to structural steel.  We make repairs that look good and add years to the life of your building!

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Types of Services We Offer

- Construction
- Structural Steel Erection
- Buildings/Facilities
- Machinery Installation & Repair
- Conveyors and Line Equipment
- CNC Plasma Cutting
- Metals Consulting
- Welding Consulting
- Equipment Maintenance Consulting
- Buildings/Facilities Maint & Repair
- Rusty Building Repair!
- Custom Fabrication
- On-Site Fabrication
- Heavy Equipment Maint & Repair
- Semi Trucks & Trailers
- Landscaping Equipment Repair
- Dunnage Racks/Shipping Racks
- Boats/Docks/Lifts
- Buildup/Hardfacing (Buckets/Wear Surfaces)
- Security Fences and Gates
- Much much more!

Steel building repair, metal building repair, Metal building retrofit