In Case of Emergency….

Of all the things I love about Amerivet Services, there’s one aspect that always puts me in a good mood, because it’s always a proud moment that comes out of nowhere.

Some other day I’ll probably have more to say about the degree of talent it takes to do the things that I do, and the experience it takes to have the insight that backs it all up. For this story, it’s really just important to know that it takes all of my life’s training and experience to get me through any given day. OK, blah blah, so what. This is boring to write about, so I’ll get to the point.

What I absolutely love, is being the “go to” guy for so many people. It’s humbling being the one that gets a call in the middle of the night when all other options have been exhausted. It means not only that I’ve done a lot of things right for a lot of people, but also that I’ve done a lot of things right my whole life, so that I would have a lot to bring to the table when people get in a jam.

I think it’s that time of year. It’s the time when people have spent the whole winter putting Band-Aids on things, and now situations have progressed far enough that the Band-Aids don’t work anymore. In the last week I’ve only put four hours on the welder, and yet I’ve spent significantly more than that helping people solve problems. THIS IS WHAT I LOVE ABOUT MY JOB!!!

How does this translate for our customers? They put our number in the back of their address books, and when they need solutions that nobody else can provide, they know exactly who to call. They know that Amerivet Services’ mission is to solve problems, whether Amerivet Services is the solution or not.

This is an uplifting situation for me, because quite often we serve a customer for the first time, only to seemingly never hear from them again. Then, out of the blue, the phone rings and it’s like they were just waiting for a reason to call. There’s the air of confidence that just can’t be beat.

One such customer is my friend Mike at Greater Media. Several years ago I went to repair a couple of gate posts for him, and while I was there a hydraulic hose broke on his dock lift. I jumped in, took it apart, found a local place to get a hose made, and had it back in operation within a couple of hours. From that point forward, I may not hear from Mike for months and months, but then one day the phone will ring and he’ll say “I’ve got this problem and I know you’re the guy to fix it.” You’d be amazed at the various work we’ve done for Mike, but more importantly we’ve helped him solve a lot of problems.

If you have problems, call us! If you don’t, put our number in your address book, because someday you’ll need us!