“The Competition”

While I’d like to think there really isn’t much competition in this field, the fact is we all have competitors. The saying that the welding business is feast or famine is very true, and there are competitors in either case. I hear about them from my customers, either in good ways or bad ways. I’m impressed by what I hear, but I don’t focus on it. I have to focus on my company and the impression it makes. Besides, NOBODY does exactly what we do, though some may creep into the edges here and there.

It’s my job to stand out from the crowd in one way or another, no only so my phone will ring in the first place, but so customers will call us back. I’ll be the first to say Amerivet Services does not provide the “cheapest” welding service you’ll find. We’re also not the most expensive. While we provide a million different services, there are still some things we don’t do. However, you can bet that we’re honest, and we really only have one goal in mind: SOLVING PROBLEMS.

If you have a problem, whether it’s related to our business or not we’ll help you solve it, even if that means sending you to a company that’s more qualified for the task at hand. Why would we do that? Because I believe that getting people what they need out of life is an important part of customer service.

So what about “the competition?” Well, I honestly don’t know what most of them do. I know some do this and others that, and some charge almost nothing while others charge an arm and a leg. Some work their butts off and others stand around smoking cigarettes all day. I tend to be the one that works hard and tries to bring value to the project. If I’m not being productive then you’re not getting your money’s worth, right??

What I run into with “the competition” quite frequently is that sometimes customers are in a big hurry to get a problem solved and don’t know how to tell if a certain company has the tools and talent to get it done right. This happens a lot where aluminum is concerned (because “aluminum” is a bigger conversation) but elsewhere too. All I can say is, the guy that drives up in his minivan with a little fluxcore welder he bought at Harbor Freight very likely has less capability than is needed for the job, regardless of how much talent he has. At the same time, there are guys that haul every tool they own on a semi truck. While that truck attracts a lot of attention, you’ll be paying dearly for it even before the work starts.

My philosophy is that a company should try to find a happy medium. A company should develop all of the capability it can in an economical way, and learn to plan ahead well enough to deploy it when necessary. I guess it’s the military background coming out in me. Being underprepared or overprepared both carry their consequences. I take what I need to do a job, and have a Plan B in my back pocket. No more, no less.

So when you call us, make sure you’re ready for a conversation. You’ll learn a little about us, we’ll learn a little about you, and your problem will get solved in the very best way we can find!