The Mixed Bag of Winter

Winter being what it is, things are truly feast or famine around here. We’d spent the last six weeks fighting the weather, and on Sunday finally put the gutters on the building in Warren…in 40 mph winds! So, it’s official: That project is complete and we’re exhausted from the effort, but very proud of the accomplishment.

So now we’re back to business as usual, which isn’t saying much, because the nature of this business is hard to predict, and rarely Same Stuff Different Day. Getting back into my old daily rhythm has been entertaining, mostly because my body is still recovering from six weeks of 10 hour days in the cold combined with three hours of daily commuting. I’m gradually getting there, and today I’m going to see how the new welder does on aluminum, welding a trailer together. I’ve stick welded with it, and it does a great job. However I haven’t had time to try other processes. I imagine the nature of business over the next month or so will dictate what I get to do with it. For now I’m very happy to have a welder that works, and opportunities to use it.

I think we can all agree this has been an odd winter in relation to recent years. We’ve had people call for reasons they haven’t in the past. For 3 or 4 years I advertised that we do snow equipment repairs, hoping to capitalize on the fact that something ALWAYS breaks at 3:00 AM. We never got a call for that kind of work, not once. So I quit wasting money on that kind of advertising. Then this winter comes, and suddenly there’s a big demand. I’m not complaining. I’ll take work wherever it comes from. This is just an example of how dynamic this business really is. I have to go with the flow and take things as they come, and I don’t mind it a bit.

So this week I’m doing work on a bucket truck, an aluminum trailer, a safe (no kidding), a couple of stainless doggie sinks, and a snowplow. Luckily all of that work is indoors, because it’s once again COLD out there!

You all stay warm this week, and don’t be afraid to call us if you need something. I’m not afraid of cold weather.