What The Data Says

In the course of conducting business I collect a lot of data. It’s not the kind of data like Target collects, where they can predict that your teenage daughter is pregnant before you can. My data is mostly about Amerivet Services, who its customers are, how often I hear from them, how much they spend, and so on. Really it’s mostly collected through my accounting software because that’s really all I have time to put together on a regular basis.

The biggest thing the data says, is that Amerivet Services has grown a lot, 60% last year as a matter of fact. If this were a Fortune 500 company everyone in the world would be scrambling to buy stock. To me, that growth has come from the fact that we work hard to provide a service that’s professional in every way and has a focus on the individual needs of our customers. That single objective has paid off more than any other.

Even though we’ve seen substantial growth, the data also says that this isn’t a time to stand up and declare ultimate success. Actually, this is a time to inspire more growth, and take this company to a new level. Now that I have a proven business model, I need to replicate it and find a way to delegate some of my tasks to other people. In other words, it’s time to find a focus and put together a team.

A team costs money, lots of it, so I’ve spent the last few weeks investigating new possibilities of generating enough income to support that team so we can expand into new horizons while still providing our old services. Some of the ideas really amount to changing marketing focus, buying equipment to serve a certain niche, or becoming an authorized builder through a steel building manufacturer.

This whole decision comes with a lot of risk, and the year is almost 30% over. In other words, there’s a lot of pressure on me to make a decision and put it into action if we’re going to see results before the snow flies.

I honestly don’t have enough information to make a decision yet, but rest assured that whatever that decision is, I plan to keep our current services fully intact.

For now it’s springtime, and if the wind and rain cooperate a little I’ll be able to get out and catch up on a few docks and boat lifts. Give us a call and we’ll help you get things back and order while we’re out and about!