Why Temporary Fixes Are Usually Permanent

Well today is March Fools' Day, one of my favorite days! February was a good month with its share of challenges, though all of them were squarely dealt with by the end of the month. A lot of problems were solved last month. I can't wait to solve more this month!

In my last blog entry I semi-promised to talk about why temporary fixes are usually permanent. I've thought a lot about this the last week or so, and I'd like to make it very clear that I'm as guilty as anyone about temporary fixes. I'm a very busy person, and when things get even busier, I tend to say "Well, I'll just do enough on this little repair to get me back on the road. Then I'll come back later and make it right."

It's a very noble intention, a very legitimate promise. I know how often I follow through on it, and I know how often a lot of other people do, too. Let's just say that I'm not abnormal by any means. There are plenty of temporary projects around here. Most of them are "temporary" because I was busy putting someone else's needs before mine. I was trying to get back to serving customers, or finish my project in a hurry so I could help Tammy with hers, or....well, you know.

I never take shortcuts on projects for other people, so why would I do that for me? A lot of customers ask me if I could "just make a temporary fix," and I advise them as to why it should just be done right the first time. They usually understand, and appreciate my candid thoughts about the extra cost involved in revisiting a situation more than once.

This really is a true situation. The cost of "deploying" to a project, even if it's just on the other side of your office, is such that if you had to put down what you're doing, and deploy yourself twice, you've now invested more of your time and attention (not to mention money and other resources) to a situation than it's probably worth. Beyond that, it's just plain nice to look at a situation that's truly permanently resolved, mumble to nobody in particular that you'll never have to deal with that again, and then take gratification in moving on to the next problem, which will ALSO likely be permanently resolved!

So what does this have to do with Amerivet Services? Have I ever mentioned that we solve problems for a living? I don't remember EVER saying that we "temporarily" solve problems. I really like to see problems dead, gone, outta here! It's like an exterminator looking across a kitchen full of dead cockroaches. Pure gratification.....

Just so you know, a kitchen full of dead cockroaches doesn't do much for me, but if you need that to happen I know a guy.

Meanwhile, if you've got problems, give us a call so we can discuss permanent fixes. We'll get your problems dealt with the first time, so you can move on to other things without having to revisit.

Speaking of permanent fixes, check out this aluminum gate repair.  We didn't just repair the gate.  We added cross bracing to prevent future failures:

Aluminum gate repair