Well we're halfway through May already, and I just can't believe how fast things are moving this year. We've had some really run projects come our way. April was very busy here, and usually when we have a good April it carries through the year.

This time in May, the sun starts coming out, the weather gets a little more friendly, and we all start thinking about summer. For a lot of reasons, May means ALUMINUM. Most things that are clean and light are made of it, and we all want to use them during the summer.

With this in mind, we're initiating a promotion starting today: From now until June 15, 2017, we're giving a $10 per manhour discount on your aluminum project when you mention my blog!

Here are some tips for dealing with aluminum:

  • We can't (won't) weld aluminum in water, or if it contains water.  Make sure you get the water out of any aluminum containers before welding (or we can do it), and  the aluminum to be welded should be safely out of water.  Even a mud puddle or wet grass is dangerous because of the electricity involved in arc welding.
  • The weather has to be good if we're welding aluminum outdoors.  Rain is a huge problem (see previous note), and wind blows the shielding gases away from the weld.  When you call us to schedule work, our biggest factor for scheduling will usually be weather.
  • Never use JB Weld, epoxy, or silicon caulk to make a repair.  It may temporarily seal a hole or bond something together, but in the end it will come apart, and then the weld will be even more time consuming and costly. Just do it right the first time, and call Amerivet Services!
  • Aluminum should be free of paint, dirt, and other contaminants before welding.  Most cleaning products introduce more contaminants into the aluminum, release deadly gases, or both.
  • Never use grinding wheels or oil based cleaners to clean or prep the weld area. They will leave contaminants in the aluminum that will cause problems during welding.
  • Never, ever, use brake cleaner or carburetor cleaner to clean aluminum that is to be welded!  When these products burn, they release gases that are deadly.
  • If you're not exactly sure how to clean the weld area, leave it for us!  We have the right tools, and our methods take very little time!

Give us a call, and let's get your project scheduled early, because the last thing you'll see me doing Memorial Day weekend is working!

For our parting shot, check out this tour boat I repaired:

Aluminum welding, pontoon repair
Tour boat repair-aluminum welding