Significant Growth Last Year

Many of you know that last year I made a big effort toward growing Amerivet Services into something bigger than “just me.”  I pulled out a lot of stops, and got pretty creative on a lot of fronts. A lot of people recognized what I was doing and were very supportive.  “Me” turned into “we,” and then some different “we’s,” and it looks like I have a system that requires constant tweaking but actually does meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

I managed to put together a solution for a great project at Wayne State University that’s still in progress.  It’s been challenging, educational, and cutting edge, which is right up my alley.  I love the constant opportunities to solve problems, and with this project there have been many.

Alongside the Wayne State project, we’ve taken on the architectural fabrications at the new Highland House restaurant, and we’re helping Barnsco set up their new rebar plant in Detroit. This is a very exciting time!

These new projects have allowed me to add significant capacity to Amerivet Services.  As I mentioned, we’re a quickly growing company and we can handle bigger projects than ever before!  We now have six (yes 6!) gas and diesel powered portable welders.  They’re truck mounted, trailer mounted, and on carts with wheels.  Two of the welders have all terrain wheels that are great on flat roofs and rough surfaces.  We can TIG weld aluminum a lot more places and a lot easier than ever before.  We can stick weld almost anywhere.

Our new truck mounted welder is absolutely the most versatile machine made.  It has a built in air compessor and will TIG weld aluminum.  There’s very little that can’t be done with it.

Beyond the equipment, we have great people to run it.  They’re highly qualified and ambitious.  I couldn’t feel more empowered with all of these great resources running around me, kicking butt with a smile!

Here’s where this is all going:  Amerivet Services is more capable than ever to handle your projects and solve your problems!  We literally have a million new ways of dealing with situations, and plenty of new talent to make it happen!

So what does this mean for you?  It means you should call us about your upcoming projects as soon as possible so that we can get you into our project lineup.  The Amerivet Services team will take great care of you!

For today’s parting shot, check out progress on our Wayne State Project.  You can even play “Where’s Gary” and find Tyler and I.  We were the only people on site when the picture was taken.

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