As pretty much everyone is aware, the booming business world that existed six months ago now looks more like a day at Cedar Point, but without the possibility of any fun. These are very tough times, with politics taking a precedent over real conditions on the ground. I knew when this started that you can’t put 350 million people in front of daytime TV with nothing else to do, and not expect absolute insanity.

What am I doing about it? The biggest answer lies in the Amerivet Services TEAM. We are a fantastic group of minds with varying perspectives. The biggest thing we’ve been able to keep moving is the ability for our minds to stay engaged, and the communication to keep flowing. We were shut completely down for almost three months, and yet we were able to have informal meetings where everyone could blow off a little steam while throwing out ideas. Now that we’re working again, the ideas are still flowing like a river and we’re all keeping our thumbs on the pulses of current projects, future possibilities, new ideas, and making sure we see real gains from our work.

The biggest focus is on making sure we solve problems for our customers every day! Problem Solving is the Amerivet Services way, and it is why our customers love us. While we’ll always have our fan base, it has been very important after the long shutdown to get our act back together and remind everyone how awesome we are. I’ll be the first to admit that the first couple of weeks were a bit odd, but we are definitely back in the groove!

Probably the biggest evidence is a three story building project that we’re part of. As seems to be our MO in a lot of cases, we were hired to do a small part of the project, and then issues arose that needed more than just cursory attention. Because the Amerivet Services TEAM is so attentive to problems, a couple of the guys started telling me things that were concerning, and then we started working with the general contractor to throw out some ideas here and there. Next thing you know, I’m being asked to attend meetings with the architect and building owner….and then we’re developing solutions AND IMPLEMENTING THEM at light speed! We helped end a month-long shutdown that could have gone on for six months or more without a new dose of thoughtful enthusiasm! We were able to help develop a new solution and implement it for about half the price of the original proposed solution and with 1/8 the leadtime! THIS is how Amerivet Services SOLVES PROBLEMS!

Long story short, if you need a metals company that will go through the motions and do anything you want until things get weird and then bail on you…hire any company. If you want a company that gets the entire TEAM behind making your project a success, call Charlene at 810-299-3095 so she can introduce you to our pipeline of fantastic THINKERS!

Many thanks to all of our “cheerleaders” for their support through these crazy times! For my parting shot, check out steel we’re erecting for a house in Pleasant Ridge:

Residential Steel Erection