The Evangelist

Almost a decade ago I ran across an article titled “Every Business Needs an Evangelist.” The headline was intriguing enough that I started reading, and by the time I was finished I realized that I was an evangelist. I had no other choice BUT to be an evangelist. Let me explain:

An evangelist is someone that believes in a cause and goes around creating energy around it. They create energy internally and externally. They convince others that the cause is so wonderful that they should go around creating energy too, and next thing you know, the cause is equivalent to a religion.

Why does a business like Amerivet Services need an evangelist? We do things differently. We do things that others can’t or won’t do. We work to solve problems instead of filling squares. We repeatedly do the impossible after others have failed. We’re highly focused and highly ambitious. Every member of the team comes to work with our brains turned on and our eyes open. In other words, we’re very unique, very talented, and very motivated.

In the early days of Amerivet Services, evangelism was easy. The team was “just me.” The customer base was less than 50 customers. It was easy to keep the “team” motivated and get the word out. A significant portion of those early customers are still some of our biggest cheerleaders today! Why? Because I was an evangelist both in my words and my actions.

What’s changed since then? Well not much, except the team is eight highly talented people and growing. We have over 500 incredible customers. We’ve completed over 2600 unique and challenging projects! I’m still an evangelist, but the many other roles I have in this company have grown to the point that I need help with several of them, and one of them is evangelism.

So, without further adieu, I’d like to introduce Charlene Latham, the latest addition to Amerivet Services’ team. She will be filling the roles of Business Development Manager, and “Evangelist,” along with other management related roles. She is very new to this industry, but brings a long list of skills that are already benefiting Amerivet Services in big ways! Please welcome Charlene to the team when you see her!